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22 years old

22 things I have learnt about life


We’re here with yet another birthday post. 22 is here and again, no colossal changes have happened in my life. I can’t rant again about life this year, instead, I choose to take a lazier approach. Here are 22 things I have learnt about life at 22.

  1. No one really cares about you until when you’re dying or rich.

Going through life, you realize many ‘friends’ are not really that, they’re close acquaintances. They’re people that are close to you because of convenience. But once that convenience comes to an end, you won’t end up talking until Christmas.


  1. Losing somebody close changes you.

I have been blessed enough not to have lost anyone close all my life, until April this year when I lost my grandmother. You see, grief cannot be explained to somebody who hasn’t felt it. It’s a mixture of intense sadness and disbelief and confusion. I am those people who are close to their grandmother so when I heard the news on a Sunday afternoon, I broke down.

When someone calls you and says they’ve lost someone, you say sorry because it’s polite but you’re not really sad. You put down the phone and proceed on with your life. And it’s not evil really, we can’t induce emotion.


  1. A beard needs more than 22 years to grow.


  1. The most pious people are the most judgmental people.


  1. Being in a good relationship makes you add weight considerably.


  1. To get over an unobtainable crush, try to look at her as human rather than the most beautiful thing on the planet. Remember that as humans, we undergo similar biological processes. Tell yourself every night before you sleep, “Her poop stinks just as much as mine.” Repeat this every night that week and the silly emotions will disappear.


  1. To make a good TV show, you need intense intellectual dialogue. (Ahem! Westworld.)


  1. Saving money on M-Shwari is a fool’s errand.


  1. United Kingdom has the best musicians.


  1. No one will support you as much as your mother. Not even your father.


  1. People will call you shy because you don’t talk much when in reality you prefer observing people.


  1. Girls are far more complicated and emotionally stronger than men.


  1. Skipping workout for one day is the end of your workout regimen.


  1. Never approach a random girl listening to music with her earphones.


  1. We are only different on social media. In real life we’re all the same.


  1. Resisting trap music will only make you a grouchy bitter person. Flow with the movement.


  1. You will never please anyone no matter how nice you think or know you are.


  1. Never judge someone who commits suicide.


  1. really is the best blog out there.


  1. Being honest while writing is the only way to attain your voice as a writer.


  1. There will always be better.


  1. For a campus student, money will always buy happiness.

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5 thoughts to “22 things I have learnt about life”

  1. Like the huge crush I have for Xavier. He looks gorgeous when far away but terrible up close and personal. Not the footballer.

  2. #3 No lies detected.
    #6 I have the best story involving a crush (never obtained) and.. wait for it… poop. One day when my laziness index drops by a considerable percentage I’ll write about it and send you a link to the poop story. Enjoy.
    #19 Why you keep saying a lot of truths?


  3. It’s been a minute reading this blog but I always come back:) one day I might grow out of it but for now, shall we…
    numero nine…truuueee. What are some of your faves?
    no. 14 whyyy?????
    and 22, yes yes yesss!
    Happy Belated King…
    and finally,a dedication Taylor Swift-22 hahaa…don’t resist this ‘dedix’ 🙂

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