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an avocado cut in half

An Avocado Tale

[zilla_likes] The story of the pictured avocado begins with me in the house on a Tuesday evening. I am knackered from working the entire afternoon, but relieved and happy as the work is done.  Now if this was another day, I’d probably have to cook or find other eating arrangements. But not this evening because […]

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A dog and a city

[zilla_likes] I hope in the near future when life has been good to me, preferably before I’m 30 (God are you hearing this?), I will enjoy life the ideal way I’ve always imagined – me, a bit of money to splurge and a dog. I’d get this dog. He would be my partner in crime […]

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scum of the earth

Scum of the Earth

[zilla_likes] I’m not badly off with the women. I like them and some like me. The problem is, though, that I want all of them to like me. And I believe that can happen if I owned a guitar. In my mind, I see myself walking around campus with an acoustic guitar slung around my […]

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