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It’s not a Match

[zilla_likes] * Hannah looked gorgeous as she slowly walked to her seat. Walking beside her was her new boyfriend, Tom, who really wasn’t all that new. They’d been together the past three months but in that time, Hannah hadn’t introduced her to her family or acquaintances, only her close friends knew about him. It wasn’t […]

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party lovers

Party Lovers

[zilla_likes] My attraction towards her is solely caused by the imaginations I have of what I’d want to do her on a bed. She doesn’t know this. She’s in a circle of four girls. They’re all holding red cups with liquor. One of them has a dying cig hanging from her fingers. I am staring […]

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Flu and Sniffles

[zilla_likes] The July cold is wrathful and wants us all to die from colds. Thick dark clouds form above us but they don’t threaten us, not even one bit. They’ve been gathering for a month now, with heavy rain threatening to descend upon us. But nothing. They’re empty threats. Blank shots. We don’t even carry […]

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Killing a Turkey

[zilla_likes] My bourgeoisie neighbors bought a turkey three days ago; a fully grown turkey with a beard and a mortgage. I don’t know why they did it but my guess is, the man finally clocked 40 and is having a dire case midlife crisis. So on the eve of his 40th birthday, he turned to […]

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