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Carm Berzatto of The Bear in his restaurant's kitchen

The Bear

It was brought to my wandering attention by fellow internet users that a new show was out and catching the adoration of cinephiles and non-cinephiles worldwide. The show goes by ‘The Bear,’ and the internet fellas pointed out that it was unique and even superb in the cinematography, plot, and acting departments.  Obviously, I ignored […]

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mad men cover art

Unraveling Mad Men

[zilla_likes] For the most part, I live a simple life. I immensely enjoy life’s minutiae offerings: a well-cooked steaming plate of Chapo-beans with no less than three chapatis, a cold stout Guinness, sleeping for eight hours, sleeping au naturel, swirling my balls absentmindedly and sniffing the fingertips, partaking Mary J (not Blige), flirting, and the […]

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an avocado cut in half

An Avocado Tale

[zilla_likes] The story of the pictured avocado begins with me in the house on a Tuesday evening. I am knackered from working the entire afternoon, but relieved and happy as the work is done.  Now if this was another day, I’d probably have to cook or find other eating arrangements. But not this evening because […]

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cows and sheep grazing in a field

The Fifth

[zilla_likes] Imagine me sitting at my desk and writing this. My head is hanging low, a clear indication of my shame for not posting in a while, even after I’d made some cute promises on this post. I’m so ashamed that I can’t look my laptop in the face. It’s a miracle this is typo-free. […]

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Shit Detergent

[zilla_likes] About nine months ago, I moved from my bedroom to my first house. It’s a house that sits on the second floor of an old housing block; eleven years to be exact. I love most things about it but there are things that make me want to slit my wrists with a Nacet razor […]

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