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party lovers II

Party Lovers II

[continued from previous post] “Hi.” I start. The Hi comes out weak. Like the meow of a dying kitten. It’s those embarrassing moments you just can’t take back, like when you sneeze and a loud wet fart slips through the other hole mistakenly. In public. I am embarrassed. And when I’m embarrassed like this, I […]

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party lovers

Party Lovers

My attraction towards her is solely caused by the imaginations I have of what I’d want to do her on a bed. She doesn’t know this. She’s in a circle of four girls. They’re all holding red cups with liquor. One of them has a dying cig hanging from her fingers. I am staring at […]

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Ruined Dates

I honestly have nothing solid to write about this week. I wanted to write a small story on my first time voting and call it “My First Time Voting” but I thought against it. It sounds like those compositions we wrote after school holidays in primary school, and this is a blog, not a composition […]

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